Kenolux Eco Des Kitchen Disinfectant

Main Category: Chemicals
Sub Category: Food Industrial Chemical


Disinfectant With Cleaning Effect

  • Origin: Belgium
  • Warranty:
  • Brand Name: Kenolux

  • Product For Cleaning All Surfaces in Kitchens and Food Industry.
  • Concentrated agent, with broad-spectrum action against all micro-organisms.
  • Developed for cleaning and disinfecting materials, machines, and surfaces in professional environments such as kitchens & food processing industries.
  • Kenolux ECO DES is a concentrated agent for the combined cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces in industrial kitchens and the food processing industry.
  • Contains quaternary ammonium compounds, isopropanol, non-ionic tensides, complexing agents, and sequestrants, requiring a thorough rinse after application.
Capacity 5 Liters
Dilution 100ml / 10 liters of water
Packing 5 Liters
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