Over 3 decades of continuous progress

Emerging from a modest warehouse in the emirate of Sharjah back in the 1980s, we have become deeply embedded in the cleaning industry with a reputation that represents a trusted and well-known name in the region. Our main field of operations revolves around the wholesale distribution and retail merchandising of several different categories of products within the cleaning industry.

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To endorse our clients, suppliers, and every stakeholder and participant in the cleaning industry with a growth-oriented philosophy that propels them to always seek better when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness in cleaning solutions. With innovation as our main drive, and professional growth as our motive, we’re consistently aspiring to tailor-fit cleaning solutions that match the requirements of every diverse industry.


With our growth-oriented philosophy, accompanied by our clients’ backing and trust, we are ambitious to become a leading name in the regions in which operate and thrive to ensure that our clients are always at ease knowing they are partnered with a cleaning solutions provider whom they can trust.

Our partners

We are the authorized reseller and distributor for over 25 renowned international brands. With a selection of reputable brands sourced from 4 continents, we're always ensuring our portfolio of products is on par with the diverse requirements and budgets of today's cleaning industry.

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Our brands

By working directly with hand-picked international manufacturers and plants, we are always adding to our very own set of brands that we distribute regionally and internationally. Our exclusive branded products include dispensers, cleaning supplies, machinery, and more.

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Industries we serve

Commercial cleaning

Commercial cleaning providers understand the need for versatile and durable machinery suitable for various settings, including offices, retail spaces, and hospitality venues.


Our clients in the healthcare sector face stringent hygiene and infection control requirements.


Industries and manufacturing sites regularly face difficult cleaning requirements with heavy-duty machinery, grease, and industrial residues.


Educational institutes require user-friendly, reliable cleaning equipment that offer minimal disruption to the education setting.


Hotels, resorts, cruise ships, and others in the hospitality sector require efficient, fast, and reliable solutions that can clean guest rooms, lobbies, dining spaces, and other areas in accordance with the industry's high cleanliness standards.

Food service

Kitchens, restaurants, food processing plants, and others in the food service sector require chemicals and cleaning equipment that can simultaneously cover their intensive cleaning requirements and match the strict regulations and standards of sanitization required in the food service sector.

Our clients
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Customer Support

Our customer support and after-sales team is always on stand-by to assist our customers with service, training, and any other after-sales inquiries.

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Sales Support

From live product demonstrations, training, and more, our sales department is consistently working to figure out a solution that meets your specific needs and budget.

Logistical Support

Our rapid response to queries, along with our streamlined logistical support allows us to deliver a seamless experience from query to delivery, reflecting our commitment to enhancing productivity and reducing downtime.

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