Heavy-Duty Kitchen Degreaser & Cleaner | 5 Liters

Main Category: Chemicals
Sub Category: Food Industrial Chemical


Powerful Kitchen Grease Eliminator & Cleaner

  • Origin: Belgium
  • Warranty:
  • Brand Name: Kenolux

Keno™lux Grill Extra is used for the elimination of persistent grease and burned fat stains mainly used in the kitchen for deep fryers, grills, ovens, roasters, stove hoods, & cooktops.


  • Equipped with a strong alkaline detergent & compound that dissolves the most stubborn grease & organic stains in the kitchen.
  • Fit with a self-activated formula, GRILL EXTRA does not require constant brushing of applicated area, as its highly concentrated formula independently eats through any stain in a small time frame.
Capacity 5 Liters
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