AKC | Multi-color Microfiber Duster

Sub Category: Feather Dusters


Cleaning Microfiber Duster | Red

  • Origin: China
  • Warranty:
  • Brand Name: AKC

  • When dirty, take the duster out and shake the dust off.
  • This helps reach the tightest places like spaces below cabinets or between radiators.
  • The flexible slim core of the fluffy extending duster head can handle bent in all directions.
  • Outstanding dust absorption dense synthetic microfibre electrostatically picks up and traps dust easily.
  • The built-in long extendable handle helps you to reach spots such as walls, ceiling, chandelier, desk, fans blade, tall staircases, or large furniture and remove cobwebs or dust.
Size 80 cm
Colors Red
Material Microfiber