AKC started life as a small cleaning product supplier in the 1970's alongside Lamborghini's Urraco and the Beatles. From those humble beginnings, AKC grew into a midsized supplier in the UAE and then into a major global household cleaners supplier in two decades. At the end of those 20-years, AKC was supplying a market that included customers in Africa, the UAE, and the GCC. Still, global competitiveness isn't the main reason why you should buy from AKC. So, what is?

Discover the benefits of choosing AKC as your cleaning product supplier. With a wide range of high-quality, exceptional customer service, & competitive prices.

AKC Is Trusted by the Biggest Names in Hospitality

If you're wondering how to find the right cleaning equipment supplier, always consider who uses the products they make.

Are the products used in commercial settings where reliability and efficiency are valued above everything else? Do big names use these products, or are they more of a niche brand?

For example, AKC products are trusted by brands like Marriot, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, EMAAR, Southern Fried Chicken, the ETA Group, Americana Quality, and Tanzifco—to name a few. All of these brands specialize in hospitality and value effectiveness at a reasonable price above all else. That tells you that AKC products live up to these companies' standards. 

Large brands trust AKC to keep them clean because our products offer them great performance with the best value around. 

AKC's Product Line Is Enormous

Need a good degreaser? An industrial floor waxing machine? A full-body protective suit? AKC has you covered.

One of the main advantages of choosing AKC is knowing that you will be covered, no matter your need. We supposed that's one advantage that a company with 40 years of experience has to offer. Out of the cleaning chemical suppliers UAE has, AKC is probably the supplier with the fullest spectrum of knowledge.

Like many things, the more you know, the better off you are, and few people know cleaning like AKC.

The Same People Who Made AKC Great Still Run the Show

The family that began AKC four decades ago is still at the helm. Over three generations and 40 years, AKC has maintained a strong connection to family and to our mission, making cleaning products of the highest quality available to corporate and individual consumers alike.

That means that the same passion and drive is behind the wheel, offering high-quality products and uncompromising service. In fact, we pride ourselves on 48-hour delivery and a trained technical team ready to operate AKC equipment for you within 24 hours after your call. 

AKC Continues to Innovate

AKC has continued to expand on our offerings with repair services for any cleaning machine, no matter the brand.

AKC cleaning product suppliers are also held to rigorous standards that look toward the future of better, greener technologies.

Is AKC the Cleaning Product Supplier for You?

The decision is yours. You know what to look for in a cleaning equipment supplier, and your decision-making is sound. We trust you on that and we hope that we've made a compelling case for AKC.

Still, the best way to make an informed decision is to try our globally endorsed products for yourself.

Hey, before you know it, you might be a returning customer! We're happy to be your cleaning product supplier.

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