Emrill and Farnek Stone Care Seminar

Emrill and Farnek Stone Care Seminar

To facilitate and sustain a long-term relationship between us and our partners, we have always been on the lookout for new solutions and have always been willing to share expertise we gained through trial and error throughout our many years operating in the industry.


On the 29th of June, AKC’s team pridefully hosted our longtime customers and business associates which operate on a wide scale in the facility management industry. The team had the honor to host Emrill Services LLC, along with Farnek Services LLC, and was excited to guide them through the delightful seminar, and the expressive technical demonstration of our newly acquired technology, which compromises of the LMA Grinding Machines, mainly aimed at stone care restorative innovations.


Our sales team, combined with their seasoned experience in the stone industry, has briefly explained the different types of stone, floor tilings, and contributive solutions to some of the common problems faced in the industry in the educational briefing. After a short rest, and delicious catering, the team proceeded to demonstrate the previously explained problems and issues technically and in live form, employing AKC’s offered solutions and products, and displaying shocking results

Our team had arranged 3 training stations for the most common problems that happen to stone:
First station showed how to restore acidized marks on marble stone.
Second station was all about leveling then restoring highly damaged stone from point 0 on the gloss scale to an 90-100 point. 
Third station was about countertop fixing, humidity stains, coffee marks, paint stains, and impregnating the stone.

Special thanks to the attendees, and hope to see you next time.

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