AKC Group looks back at our attendance at Middle East Cleaning Technology Week in 2018 with highlights from the exhibition and event.

Middle East Cleaning Technology Week (2018): Exhibition Highlights

Did you miss out on the 2018 Middle East Cleaning Technology Week? You know it's the best convention to attend in the industry, so now you're feeling left out. Fear not! 

This is the perfect place to be to get all the highlights on what happened at the event. It will feel like you were there yourself.

Let's go through the event together and see what it was all about!

Middle East Cleaning Technology Week 2018

The three-day event, held at the Dubai World Trade Center, was a great success. It saw a 6% increase in visitors, with more than 3,000 individuals attending from 67 countries. 

Surveys show that 88% of the attendees left the event feeling either exceptionally satisfied or satisfied. Most felt they accomplished their intentions for attending. 

The convention brought together leaders in the cleaning and hygiene industry. The goal is to showcase new technology and innovative services. Its focus is to create a more sustainable future by bringing companies together. 

Praveen Pillai, GM of Buzil, stated, "This is the single most important show for the industry. There is no other show which showcases every supplier and manufacturer of cleaning products for the soft services industry."

Mr. Pillai noted that the most important industry leaders were in attendance. They continue to focus on teamwork to bring even further advances to the industry.


MECTW 2018 showcased more than 50 exhibitors from 15 countries. In the future, the convention aims to grow this number and the technology it offers.

Industries like airports, food catering, education, healthcare, and hospitality, were also in attendance. Their leaders are always interested in new technologies and solutions.

Professional Cleaning Equipment

Exhibitors showed off plenty of new equipment and products at the convention. Machinery, floor care, chemicals, janitorial equipment, kitchen hygiene, and washroom care were convention highlights.

Companies are working together to come out with new chemicals and wash processes. They want to meet the demand for saving energy and water. Consumers are fueling the industry to invent new solutions faster than ever before.

Professional Cleaning Services

Many cleaning services were also in attendance. Two of the biggest contributors were Gulf Laundrex and Gulf Car Wash. They offer solutions in laundry, dry cleaning, and car care.

They were important partners to the event along with the Clean Middle East Expo.

Other providers offered professional cleaning services to hotels, schools, government, and office buildings. Even further, services were available for those looking for cleaning machine maintenance.

MECTW expects even more professional cleaning service companies to attend in 2021.

AKC Group at MECTW 2018

The AKC Group was a leader at the event, with one of the biggest exhibitions on display. The company was proud to exhibit new floor cleaning machines to event attendees. On-site demonstrations of the products were available.

AKC Group finds that a strong presence at the Middle East Clean Technology Week is an excellent way to generate new business leads.

Their display was set up to make a lasting impact on top-level business executives and government officials in attendance. The event was a success for the AKC Group, thanks to a tremendous team effort.

Let's Clean Together

Now you know exactly what the 2019 Middle East Cleaning Technology Week was all about. You can see where the industry standards are headed. 

Whether in the industry yourself or in need of professional cleaning services, it is clear what is available in the market for you. 

As of now, the MECTW 2021 plans to go ahead as scheduled from Sept. 28-30. Join us at the event and in finding all your cleaning solution needs!

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