AKC offers high-pressure cleaning machines that can greatly benefit the food industry. Here's a quick overview of what makes AKC UAE's machinery stand out.

A Brief Overview of AKC's High-Pressure Cleaning Machines

Pressure washers can clean 4-5 times faster than another method of cleaning. They also reduce the amount of work required per task, saving you time and energy.

Read on to learn all about high-pressure cleaning and why it is a smart investment for your business. 

Dirt and Soil Removal 

High-pressure washers are versatile cleaners for many home and commercial projects involving dirt removal.

For outdoor work such as cleaning patios, benches, brickwork, walkways and gutters, and parking lots, a high-pressure washer makes the job go by quickly. 

Cleaning outdoor play equipment like slides is also much faster with a pressure washer. 

For Grease or Stubborn Grime 

High-pressure cleaning is also useful when dealing with any kind of grease or oil residue.

For example, engine grease and cooking grease are tough to clean by hand.  Water molecules don't stick to grease molecules which is why it takes a lot of elbow grease to clean this by hand.

A better option is to use a hot water pressure washer whenever oil is involved. 

For Heavy Duty Equipment 

In order to keep machinery well maintained, it is important that it be cleaned thoroughly. Using a high-pressure water cleaner can go a long way in preserving the lifespan of your equipment. 

Also, sanitation promotes the prevention of foodborne illness in food facilities and is essential for food safety. 

For Mold and Dampness

Mold can grow on practically any surface including walls, ceilings, and especially in crawl spaces and basements. 

Some types of molds (such as moss) can become a problem for walkways and paths. 

A high-pressure washer can help! With the powerful nozzle, the unit can blast away these growths from the surfaces they are invading. 

Now that you know when these pressure washers come in handy, here are the main types of machines you can purchase.

Cold Water High-Pressure Machines

AKC has a range of high-pressure cleaning options to suit your budget and needs. First up, are the cold water machines.

These include a hose, a connection cable with cable rewind, and pressure regulation which allows you to adjust the pressure to whatever your task. So whether you are cleaning gutters, removing old paint, or washing cement floors, you can select the perfect pressure for the job. 

Some models include detergent suction and a dirt-killer lance with a stainless steel tube. 

The total-stop system built-in to all these high-pressure water cleaners will improve the life span of the seal. It also reduces power consumption. 

You will find the smart hose system useful and practical for stowing the equipment. 

Hot Water High-Pressure Machines

When you need to ensure a certain grade of cleanliness, you will need a hot water high-pressure steam cleaner.

These include many of the benefits of the cold systems with additional extras. It is easy to regulate the water temperature with the easy-to-read control panel.

Again, with these models, you will value being able to regulate the working pressure of the unit. Plus, you also get flow monitoring, a safety shut-off, a safety thermometer, and a parking brake for a secure hold. 

So whether you are cleaning a commercial kitchen, food plant, or heavy-duty greasy machinery, AKC has a machine to suit your job.

Get Your High-Pressure Water Cleaner Today

Thanks for reading. We hope this article has illuminated for you the value of high-pressure cleaning for your business.

Want to visit our showroom or talk to an agent to learn more?  Contact us today. 

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