If you've had to do some heavy-duty cleaning in your line of work, you know the frustration of looking back on a floor you've just done and feeling like you have to do it again. You put so much effort in for your machine to completely let you down. Sometimes the old push cleaners can't scrub the floor hard enough, can't get into corners, and can't strip a floor if you if the weight of two men into it. This is when you need the Excentr. The Excentr is a powerful, technologically advanced walk-behind scrubber dryer that every heavy duty cleaning company needs to own. To find out why the Excentr is the very best floor cleaning machine

Excentr Heavy Duty Cleaning Products offer a unique & superior cleaning experience compared to other products in the market. Find out what sets them apart.

What is the Excentr Method

The Excentr Method is a cleaning technique developed to upend the floor cleaning industry. Unlike most scrubbers, which are circular single disk machines, the Excentr uses a rectangular pad with 2800 rotating scrubbers placed 1 cm apart. The produces an unparalleled result and allows you to get into corners and edges like never before. 

It also has self-applying pressure that you can set to any level. In effect, this absolves you from having to put any extra effort into the machine. You will still push and steer The Excentr, but with its sleek and sophisticated features, an arduous task turns into quite a joy. 

Different Types of Excentrs 

Excentr 55-35

The Excentr 55-35 is the crown jewel of the Excenter machine line. It produces 2850 movements per minute to gently and effectively scrub every inch of your floor. It's lightweight, easy to use and control, and customizable for any project. 

The cleaning pad measures 55x35cm, which is the biggest version they offer. If you clean large spaces like schools or hospitals, this Excentr will help you get the job done faster. 

Excentr 40-25

The Excentr 40-25 is perfect if you have stripping or floor restoration to do. Its smaller pad size is ideal for detail work and its variable pressure feature allows you to accomplish tougher deeper work. 

This model has most of the benefits of the 55-35 but for much less out of pocket. If you're on a budget but ready to upgrade to The Excentr Method, this is the model for you. 

Excentr 30-20+B

The next smallest size is The Excentr 30-20+B, where B is for "battery." This is a special model because, since it's battery-powered, you can take it anywhere you need to go. 

The battery lasts for about 45 minutes and is easily switched out. Large wheels on the back make it easy to take this Excentr to any project site. Every Excentr model can also be accessorized to fit any needs, including this highly mobile option. 

Upgrade Your Heavy Duty Cleaning Power Today

So if you're tired of putting excessive effort into heavy duty cleaning and being unhappy with the results, you need to upgrade to The Excentr today. This stainless steel, advanced machine will be the solution to all your floor cleaning problems. So what are you waiting for? Get a quote today! 

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