Are you you tired of ordinary mops that only smear dirt around? Why not take a look at this mopping innovation called the I-Mop?

Are you tired of ordinary mops that only smear dirt around?


Are you tired of ordinary mops that only smear dirt around? If you're looking for a mop that will make your floors sparkle you have come to the right place.

Most ordinary mops spread murky water around your floors instead of cleaning them. This can make your floors sticky and dark.

The I-Mop always leaves your floors much cleaner than before.

Keep reading to learn about this mopping innovation called the I-Mop.

The Faster Floor Cleaner

If you're looking for a mop that can do its job fast, the I-Mop is for you. This Mop is speedy while also cleaning your floors thoroughly. 

Conventional mops force you to do all the work manually. Scrubbing the floor back and forth becomes tiresome and time-consuming.

The I-Mop takes away the manual labor of a normal mop and offers a faster machine that can even get into hard-to-reach spaces. 

Cleaner Than Traditional Equipment

Traditional cleaning equipment for floors is known to leave behind dirt and other residues that can make your floors feel sticky and still look dirty. The mopping innovation that is the I-Mop will not do this. 

You can rest assured that your I-Mop will clean your floors perfectly every time you use it. The I-Mop features twin counter-rotating brushes that scrub deeply for cleaner floors. 

Additionally, the I-Mop has optional accessories including color-coded brushes. These will make sure that there is no cross-contamination in areas that are essential to keep sterile. 

The Safer Mop

Conventional mops that use a lot of water can be annoying and dangerous to deal with. Large amounts of water while mopping can create puddles and slick floors that become a safety hazard. 

The I-Mop's assembly includes suction technology which sucks up all liquids and cleaning solutions from the floor. This leaves your floors almost totally dry and ready to walk on immediately after mopping. 

A Cleaning Product for the Environment

While traditional mops sometimes use gallons of water to clean the floors, the I-Mop only uses a small percentage of that. When you use the I-Mop you conserve water and save money on your utility bill. 

If you care deeply about the environment and the conservation of water, you may use the I-Mop with a clean conscience and a clean floor. 

I-Mop's Different Models

The I-Mop has three different models. The I-Mop Lite, I-Mop XL, and I-Mop XXL allow you to choose an I-Mop that works best for your space. 

The I-Mop Lite has the highest brush speed, and it is the most compact of them all. 

The I-Mop XL is a great mopping machine. All of its specs sit in between the Lite and the XXL. 

The I-Mop XXL has the longest run time, with the largest brushes, and it has the highest brush pressure of them all. 

The Mopping Innovation That Works

This mopping innovation leaves your floors cleaner and your arms less tired. It allows you to switch from being a tired manual laborer to a productive I-Mop operator. The I-Mop is the best choice for those who want cleaner floors.

Contact us when you are ready to buy your I-Mop. 

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